Pizza Promotion through Point of Sales System

By | Jan 22, 2011

Point of sale (POS) software is a program that businesses use to determine sales and run their cash registers. It is basically a digital cash register. A POS application adds up the sales and profits total, figures state sales tax, computes the change back from the amount of money tendered and conveniently adjusts the store’s inventory values when something is sold. This is very useful software that any pizza owner must have to control the flow of expenses for their pizza promotion.

Because pizza delivery is so popular and since there are several peak hours every day where business volume is very high, even managing a small pizza store requires a number of “must have” point of sale software program and hardware capabilities. Here are some of the essentials.

•                     Prices of products and shipping costs for various pizza places can be entered in the program. Using these features can make your customers satisfied, as they will not be overcharged, and your pizza price will stay consistent and correct no matter who takes your orders or delivers the pizza.

•                     To make sure you are earning all you can, all your products should be put directly into the system, so your cashiers will not forget to charge for anything. It can be very easy for someone to forget an add-on when they have to have them all memorized.

•                     Monitoring of all ingredients that go into every pizza is important. Through the use of scales and POS terminals around the kitchen workstation, you can help curb excessive portioning, saving you money.

•                     Properly projecting the need for delivery personnel and cooks from day to day can really help control your expenses. After all, personnel expenses are among the biggest expenditures for a pizzeria. Why maintain 4 employees when the forecasting POS application predicts that 2 will be sufficient?

•                     Tracking, delivery routing and profit collection method for pizza promotion are important considerations.

•                     Advertising campaigns and coupon promotion. A well intended POS system can assist you in managing your coupon marketing without you having to spend large sums of money in advertising. Rather than pay for ads, just gather the email addresses of your regular customers and provide them with coupons via email. It hardly costs you anything to send out a emails and your buyers will be thrilled to get your coupons.

If you are maintaining pizza delivery and at the same time also operating the pizza restaurant then the following POS traits will be additional features that you must have to help you run your business.

•                     Having a program to help you maintain kitchen stock control is significant for operating your business and for your financial accountability.

•                     Most POS systems will allow you to monitor your customer table and will simplify your work flow.

•                     Reservation, booking and a waiting list features will help you handle your forthcoming guests.

•                     Having access to administration features, such as recipe tracking, inventory tracking, employee scheduling management and extensive reporting of worker expenses will give you great perception into how your store operates.

Earning huge profits from your pizzeria not only depends on your pizza promotion, but also depends on your ability to reasonably cut costs. POS softwares will allow you to do that, and you can easily monitor almost all aspect of your business.

How to improve your pizza sales through colorful menus

By | Jan 21, 2011

Are you a pizza store owner? Well, one idea that can surely boost your pizza sales is to use colorful menus. It’s simple enough to have menus that look like simple flyers but your pizza menus must be more than a simple list of your food items and prices. It should consist of irresistible offers for your customers that bring in on-the-spot orders.

The first thing your clients will see when they grab your menus will be the menu cover. You should use your cover as a way to generate sales. If you have a dull pizza menu cover, then there’s a good chance your customers will open the menu and expect your food to be disappointing. On the other hand, having an attractive full-color menu cover can entice your visitors to be more ecstatic, hungrier, and happier to purchase.

Make your cover menu tempting

This can be done by designing your cover with extensive color, using a great deal of red. This is a color know to stimulate a person’s appetite. You should use a photo of food on your cover, but be sure to use a really good picture of a mouthwatering meal and/or pizza appetizers. Using a bad picture of a dull looking meal on your cover is one of the worst things you can do for your pizza sales.

Make your menu layout simple and bold

You need your mini pizza menus to provide your customers exactly what they want in a very fast manner. Incorporate simple phrases and short sentences delivering only the most important information. Make use of gorgeous full-color images, bold headings and shift the attention of your customers from prices to the food. Whether they know it or not, your customers will not want to open your menu and find only dollar signs. They want excellent food, a great deal and fast delivery.

Must have information for your menu

Your restaurant name, contact information and a promo or special offer are details you do nto want to leave off your menu. Putting these things on your menu conveys to your customers your identity, ways to purchase, and a reason to buy instantly. For example, if you have the cheapest pizza delivery then you will want to indicate that on your menu. Make it simple for your customers to do business with you.

Hire a pro for your design

The photos and color structure must be full-color and printed on glossy paper. The tremendous majority of buyers prefer full-color lustrous ads and your menus are an advertisement. Avoid taking away from the textual details, but be sure to include excellent images for popular foods. If you are not a designer, hire an expert. Many printing companies can do this on your behalf at an affordable price if you print your menus with them.

Following these simple tips to create inviting and gorgeous colorful menus will surely increase your pizza sales.

The Advantages of Ordering Pizza Online

By | Jan 14, 2011

Ordering pizza online is fast becoming the latest rage in the pizza world, and if you want to market pizza, this is the trend you shoudn’t miss. Big companies that can deliver are now accepting orders online through their web sites and even smaller pizza storeowners and small franchisers are getting in on this method.  You can allow customers to select virtually anything you offer, from the type of crust and toppings to extras such as drinks, desserts, salads, etc.

Paying method

After your customers create their pizza of choice or select from specials displayed on your web site, they can submit their credit card information to pay the order immediately online. The process of paying online through credit card is now a trusted method for millions of consumers. Some prefer this method of payment over giving their credit card to some delivery person when they deliver their pizza. Paying online is even often preferred over giving credit card information over the phone to someone they don’t know.

A little downside of online ordering

The only real downside to ordering a pizza online is that your customers will need to register online before they can use your ordering service. A lot of people hate to be on email lists because they have had bad experiences before with receiving junk email. You will have to go the extra distance to show them you will not do this. It’s easy to do, and the pay off can be substantial. Obviously, you will want to limit the emails you send to your registered customers.

Here are some benefits of ordering online.

1.      Online ordering is a fast way to try your pizza

It’s a common thing that new customers will visit your website for directions, a phone number to check your menu or for other information. When they show up on your site and see your “Order Online Now” button, you will get a small percentage of people who will click the button right away and place their first order.

2.      Share the news

When you have people ordering pizza online from your website, simply print something like this “Order online at” on your window signs, takeout menus, yellow page ads, delivery vehicles, newspaper inserts, flyers, coupons, and anywhere else you can print your pizzeria’s name. This will help get the word out that it is fast and easy for your customers to place their order.

3.      Free email marketing

Customers who order online automatically give you their email address when they register. This will allow you to stay in touch with them using email marketing. This is a power free way to market your products and services. One of the good things is that it allows you to send coupons and other valuable information to your clients, and this can be a great way to turn a causal pizza eater to a frequent one. The convenience of ordering online can give you an edge over your competitors.

4.      Online orders can often be bigger

This is true for several reasons. One of them is that because customers are never pressured by an agitated or rushed employee, they can take their time to browse your menu. The outcome can be larger tickets. Couple this with offering special offers or discounts for online orders and having a way to cross-promote products, and you can really start to see an increase in your sales.

5.      Cost-cutting method

Allowing order to be placed online can cut your costs by reducing the need to take calls. Each online order is one less call for your employees to answer and this can add to your bottom line. It might even allow you to operate with fewer employees. This also lets your staff spend more of their time preparing pizza or serving customers, rather than answering phone calls.

These are just some of the benefits of ordering pizza online. Get your website an online ordering service in place as soon as possible so you can maximize these benefits and explore even more marketing opportunities from having this.

How to Advertise and Market a Pizza Business

By | Jan 14, 2011

As a pizza business owner I know you surely want to make your pizza sales go through the roof. The only way to do this is to market pizza the right way and there are many ways to help you bring in customers. Below are some of these marketing strategies to help your pizzeria grow by finding new customers and keep them coming back.
Leave flyers at schools
The vast majority of schools order pizza on a regular basis. You may send a discount coupon for a larger order (example: 3 or more pizzas) to the principal, school office, or the PTO. They buy lunch on special occasions for teachers.

Deliver pizza to your local college campus

You can leave leaflets and door hangers at almost every apartment around. So consider promoting your business by offering something special to help bring in the sales. Offering delivery near a college campus at no extra charge can be a big promotional action. Pizza delivery growth in the US is on the rise, so apply this promotional method to your business.

Promotional magnets as give aways

Whenever delivering to your clients, make it a point to give them all promotional magnets or key chains. Believe it or not, but this can really help to keep your pizzeria in their minds. A magnet on the fridge can be a daily reminder. When your repeat customers want pizza again, these things can increase the possibility that your pizzeria is the one they call first. There are online companies that can create these promotional products customized for you. Compare different companies to get the best deal possible. Magnets, key chains and other such items are inexpensive advertising tools to market pizza and can bring in a lot of business.

Send flyers to local establishments that are predominately male

Face it, guys are more likely to meet up and order pizza. Some examples of businesses where you can find a high concentration of male workers are dispatch centers, fire departments, bus stations, automotive repair shops, print shops, tire shops, car dealerships, There are many more. Give something free like drinks with an order of 2 or more pizzas. Offering something for free is a huge psychological trigger that causes many people to pull out their credit cards.

Community and event sponsorships

Additionally, you can form partnerships with local resorts and hotels to inform guests about your pizzeria and your dining options. You can offer pizza party catering too if you want. Sponsoring some events, like a sports teams, is also a good move. Having the logo of your pizza store on the team’s uniform is a good way to advertisement. Furthermore, participating at local events will give you the edge over your competition and will go a long way toward building a positive image with the community.

You don’t need to invest a huge amount of money for advertisement, as there are hundred of ways to market pizza. All you need to do is be creative and resourceful. Put the above suggestions to work for you and also use them to help brainstorm more ideas.

How to Link Your Twitter to Your Facebook Account

By | Jan 13, 2011

Linking other social accounts to your Facebook is a very powerful method in promoting your pizza shop and products. There are available applications that you can use to link to Twitter, YouTube, SlideShare and many more.  Below I tackle how to connect your Twitter account to your Facebook account so you can increase your advertising opportunity for your pizza business.

Here are some simple instructions to do this.

1. You do initially need to have a Facebook and Twitter account. If you don’t have accounts from these 2 sites then you need to go to the Facebook and Twitter Homepages and create one.

2. You can access the application to connect Twitter from the following URL:

FB apps

3. Click “Go to App” button and you will be taken to this page. Because you are adding the Twitter app so you need to click “Allow”.

Twitter request permission

4. Then you need to enter your Twitter login info, but don’t worry because your login info is absolutely safe. This application is made exclusively by Twitter for Facebook, so all is safe. After you enter your login info, click Allow.

Twitter Info

5. Twitter will ask you to post updates to your Facebook profile or to your created pages. You can choose either or both of these.

Twitter account connected

6. Every page you click will tell you it wants to “Request for Permission”. Simply click the “Allow” to move to the next step.

Twitter request for permission

7. At this point your Facebook and Twitter accounts are connected to each other. You can even transfer your Facebook Profile to Twitter if you want.

Twitter account connected

That’s all! Every time you update your Twitter account about your pizza business or new pizza offer and promos for the month, your Facebook status will update automatically and your followers and fans are getting fresh info about their favorite food, Pizza!

Just as a reminder, although it can be very powerful to use these two social sites to market your pizza shop, you will want to make sure you are not over tweeting. This can be annoying to your Facebook friends and followers if they see 50 Twitter updates a day. Be careful not to give unwanted info.

How to Integrate Your YouTube with Your Facebook Account

By | Jan 13, 2011

YouTube is definitely a great place for pizza owners to advertise their products and services. With millions of pizza lovers all over the world watching videos on YouTube you just cannot ignore this huge opportunity. Just recently, YouTube agreed to allow a standard connected to Facebook, making it a snap to automatically share any uploaded video with your Facebook friends. This is a really powerful combination that can boost your traffic and create customers for any pizzeria.

Here’s how to connect your YouTube account with your Facebook account:

1.      Go to the homepage and enter your login info.

youtube sign in

2.      Click on the “Upload” button.

Youtube upload button

3.      In the box under “Video File Upload” the “AutoShare Options” can be seen. Click the “Connect Accounts” right beside Facebook.

Youtube autoshare

4.      You will be taken to the Facebook login page. Enter your username and password and hit the login button.

facebook log in

5.       A Request for Permission page will appear. Simply click the “Allow” button.

request for permission

6.      You will notice that the autoshare box has changed. You still have the option to disconnect accounts or disable autoshare.

change option to autoshare

Your YouTube account is now connected to your Facebook account. By the way, you can also connect YouTube to your Twitter account. Just choose to add Twitter and follow the instructions, which are almost the same as connecting to Facebook.

Now each time you upload a new video to YouTube it will automatically be sent to your Facebook account (and your Twitter account if you set it up). So go ahead and start posting videos of your new pizza recipe, new promos, freebies or anything else that will promote your pizzeria. This is truly a great way to advertise and gain exposure for your pizza business.

Advertising Your Pizza Business through Facebook Fan Page

By | Jan 12, 2011

Once you have set up your basic Facebook Fan Page, you will want to truly maximize the page to get as much out of it as possible. Below I discuss several options to do this. By implementing even a couple of these methods, you can start to generate more fan interest, brand awareness, increase your viral marketing, and customer advocacy.

1. Initial Thank You Messages

Using a thank you note may be one of the most underrated business means ever. I’m sure you will agree that we sometimes send these notes just to extend business interactions. This is definitely a phrase of gratitude, but more than this, thank you messages will show your fans that your company recognizes their enthusiasm and that you care about their ideas and thoughts. Timing is important. You don’t have to send a thank you minutes or hours after you receive a new fan, but you will want to do this within a day of getting a new fan.

2. Interaction Through Wall Posts

Facebook users become fans of webpages they believe will have relevance to their lives and interests. You may post meaningful content and add links to your website or source materials. You can also interact with your fans by engaging with them by posting questions and comments and encourage them to post their replies or opinions.

3. Thoughtful and Timely Responses to Fan Posts

Fans who write comments to your posts, post to your wall, participate in forums or issues, and often hit the “like” button are your best online advocates. Their messages will act as a virus spreading throughout their own Facebook networks. This will alert all of their friends that they have found something valuable on your fan page, and their friends can become your new fans and clients.

This happens on Facebook all the time. That is why it is very important for you to interact with your fans by posting and responding quickly and thoughtfully. Always be positive and constructive, offer value, be friendly, and you will get more people to your pizza business.

4.  Provide Freebies and Incentives

Who doesn’t like free things? Offering giveaways is a powerful incentive. That’s why you can find freebies in just about any business market. As a pizzeria owner, you can offer incentives like free drinks if your customer spends a certain amount or 50% off a 2nd large pizza. If you put your mind to it you can think of many freebies and other incentives to give to your fans and local clients. Your Facebook fan page is an excellent way to advertise them.

How to Participate in a Facebook Group

By | Jan 12, 2011

One way to promote your pizza business is by participating in Facebook groups that relate to things topics like running a pizza place, people who love pizza, etc. There are tons of groups already on Facebook related to Pizza.

One bit of advice is to spend some time looking over the recent activity of a group before you join. You want to make sure you are participating in a group where the members are active. It’s very easy to start a group, but it takes effort to keep a group active and sometimes groups lose momentum and fizzle out.

Here’s how to find a pizza related group, check to see if it is active, and join it.

1.      If you know the name of a group, simply type it to the search box. In this case I type “Pizza.”

Search group pizza on FB

2.      You can see that all the leading group related to the search term is being populated. Join in any group you find interesting. You can choose one or more groups or click the “see more results” and more groups will appear.

Pizza group on Facebook

3.      Here’s how to find a pizza related group, check to see if they are active, and join them. Click the group of your choice and look for the post on the wall. You see in this sample that the group is still active by the date and time of the entries.

Active pizza group

Here is what the inactive group looks like, the post is almost a year ago.

not active pizza page

4.      You will notice that legit groups have “officers” or other people who are designated as being in charge: that’s where you should check if you aren’t so sure about the authenticity of a particular group. But you see groups without any info most of the time.

FB information

5.      You can keep up to date about pizza by joining a related group on Facebook. You can also make new friends. Go to “discussion” and dive in to participate as soon as you can.

Facebook discussion

Just remember, don’t be too excited to obviously advertise your pizzeria. Get to know more about the group members and little by little you can include the “motive of advertising pizza” on a natural conversation. Anyway, that’s a pizza lover group and they are talking pizza all their lives.

How to create a Twitter account – Promoting Your Pizza Business

By | Jan 8, 2011

Twitter is a great way to keep in touch with family, friends and even business contacts. For Pizza owners it’s also a wonderful tool for marketing. If you want to start tweeting and join the bandwagon of millions of Twitters worldwide, why not setup a Twitter account and market your pizza for free.

Here’s how:

1.    Go to The Twitter homepage and you will see at the right side the “Sign Up” button, click this once.

sign up Twitter Account

2.    Fill up your name and create a username and password on the appropriate fields. It will automatically check the availability of your username. If what you entered is unique, you can now enter your email address and click “create my account”.

Set Up Twitter account form

3.    The Captcha image will appear. This is to ensure that you are a human. Simply enter the characters that you see.

Enter Twitter Captcha

4.    You will then be then taken to a page where you can choose what interest you the most. In your case, food and drinks is the appropriate one. Once you click on topics, the list below will be populated. You can then find people you want to hear from and you can follow them.

Find your interests

5.    You can find friends who use Twitter by entering your email address. You can skip this process by simply clicking “Skip Import”. You can do this later on if you want.

Find Friends on Twitter

6.    You will notice that a confirmation note will appear at the upper portion of your screen. You need to confirm your sign up through your email before you can access all of Twitter’s features.

confirm your email

7.    So you need to go to your email, find the confirmation email that Twitter sent you and click the confirmation link in the email.

confirmation email

8.    At this point your account is active. You will be taken to your Twitter homepage and you can write your first tweet, or you can do other things like completing your profile and setting up your Twitter to work on your phone. The big advantage of Twitter is that you can update via text messages from your phone.

Twitter homepage

There’s more to it, but at this point you have an active Twitter account. You can post tweets such as “I serve 10 customers at my pizzeria”, follow others and make profile changes. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with Twitter world and explore the power of promoting your fresh and delicious pizza!

How to Set Up a FaceBook Account – Video

By | Jan 8, 2011

Hi there. I thought I would supplement my earlier post on how to set up a Facebook account with a video walk through. I hope this helps!

To your success!

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