How to create a Twitter account – Promoting Your Pizza Business

By | Jan 8, 2011

Twitter is a great way to keep in touch with family, friends and even business contacts. For Pizza owners it’s also a wonderful tool for marketing. If you want to start tweeting and join the bandwagon of millions of Twitters worldwide, why not setup a Twitter account and market your pizza for free.

Here’s how:

1.    Go to The Twitter homepage and you will see at the right side the “Sign Up” button, click this once.

sign up Twitter Account

2.    Fill up your name and create a username and password on the appropriate fields. It will automatically check the availability of your username. If what you entered is unique, you can now enter your email address and click “create my account”.

Set Up Twitter account form

3.    The Captcha image will appear. This is to ensure that you are a human. Simply enter the characters that you see.

Enter Twitter Captcha

4.    You will then be then taken to a page where you can choose what interest you the most. In your case, food and drinks is the appropriate one. Once you click on topics, the list below will be populated. You can then find people you want to hear from and you can follow them.

Find your interests

5.    You can find friends who use Twitter by entering your email address. You can skip this process by simply clicking “Skip Import”. You can do this later on if you want.

Find Friends on Twitter

6.    You will notice that a confirmation note will appear at the upper portion of your screen. You need to confirm your sign up through your email before you can access all of Twitter’s features.

confirm your email

7.    So you need to go to your email, find the confirmation email that Twitter sent you and click the confirmation link in the email.

confirmation email

8.    At this point your account is active. You will be taken to your Twitter homepage and you can write your first tweet, or you can do other things like completing your profile and setting up your Twitter to work on your phone. The big advantage of Twitter is that you can update via text messages from your phone.

Twitter homepage

There’s more to it, but at this point you have an active Twitter account. You can post tweets such as “I serve 10 customers at my pizzeria”, follow others and make profile changes. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with Twitter world and explore the power of promoting your fresh and delicious pizza!

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