Advertising Your Pizza Business through Facebook Fan Page

By | Jan 12, 2011

Once you have set up your basic Facebook Fan Page, you will want to truly maximize the page to get as much out of it as possible. Below I discuss several options to do this. By implementing even a couple of these methods, you can start to generate more fan interest, brand awareness, increase your viral marketing, and customer advocacy.

1. Initial Thank You Messages

Using a thank you note may be one of the most underrated business means ever. I’m sure you will agree that we sometimes send these notes just to extend business interactions. This is definitely a phrase of gratitude, but more than this, thank you messages will show your fans that your company recognizes their enthusiasm and that you care about their ideas and thoughts. Timing is important. You don’t have to send a thank you minutes or hours after you receive a new fan, but you will want to do this within a day of getting a new fan.

2. Interaction Through Wall Posts

Facebook users become fans of webpages they believe will have relevance to their lives and interests. You may post meaningful content and add links to your website or source materials. You can also interact with your fans by engaging with them by posting questions and comments and encourage them to post their replies or opinions.

3. Thoughtful and Timely Responses to Fan Posts

Fans who write comments to your posts, post to your wall, participate in forums or issues, and often hit the “like” button are your best online advocates. Their messages will act as a virus spreading throughout their own Facebook networks. This will alert all of their friends that they have found something valuable on your fan page, and their friends can become your new fans and clients.

This happens on Facebook all the time. That is why it is very important for you to interact with your fans by posting and responding quickly and thoughtfully. Always be positive and constructive, offer value, be friendly, and you will get more people to your pizza business.

4.  Provide Freebies and Incentives

Who doesn’t like free things? Offering giveaways is a powerful incentive. That’s why you can find freebies in just about any business market. As a pizzeria owner, you can offer incentives like free drinks if your customer spends a certain amount or 50% off a 2nd large pizza. If you put your mind to it you can think of many freebies and other incentives to give to your fans and local clients. Your Facebook fan page is an excellent way to advertise them.

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