How to Participate in a Facebook Group

By | Jan 12, 2011

One way to promote your pizza business is by participating in Facebook groups that relate to things topics like running a pizza place, people who love pizza, etc. There are tons of groups already on Facebook related to Pizza.

One bit of advice is to spend some time looking over the recent activity of a group before you join. You want to make sure you are participating in a group where the members are active. It’s very easy to start a group, but it takes effort to keep a group active and sometimes groups lose momentum and fizzle out.

Here’s how to find a pizza related group, check to see if it is active, and join it.

1.      If you know the name of a group, simply type it to the search box. In this case I type “Pizza.”

Search group pizza on FB

2.      You can see that all the leading group related to the search term is being populated. Join in any group you find interesting. You can choose one or more groups or click the “see more results” and more groups will appear.

Pizza group on Facebook

3.      Here’s how to find a pizza related group, check to see if they are active, and join them. Click the group of your choice and look for the post on the wall. You see in this sample that the group is still active by the date and time of the entries.

Active pizza group

Here is what the inactive group looks like, the post is almost a year ago.

not active pizza page

4.      You will notice that legit groups have “officers” or other people who are designated as being in charge: that’s where you should check if you aren’t so sure about the authenticity of a particular group. But you see groups without any info most of the time.

FB information

5.      You can keep up to date about pizza by joining a related group on Facebook. You can also make new friends. Go to “discussion” and dive in to participate as soon as you can.

Facebook discussion

Just remember, don’t be too excited to obviously advertise your pizzeria. Get to know more about the group members and little by little you can include the “motive of advertising pizza” on a natural conversation. Anyway, that’s a pizza lover group and they are talking pizza all their lives.

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