How to Link Your Twitter to Your Facebook Account

By | Jan 13, 2011

Linking other social accounts to your Facebook is a very powerful method in promoting your pizza shop and products. There are available applications that you can use to link to Twitter, YouTube, SlideShare and many more.  Below I tackle how to connect your Twitter account to your Facebook account so you can increase your advertising opportunity for your pizza business.

Here are some simple instructions to do this.

1. You do initially need to have a Facebook and Twitter account. If you don’t have accounts from these 2 sites then you need to go to the Facebook and Twitter Homepages and create one.

2. You can access the application to connect Twitter from the following URL:

FB apps

3. Click “Go to App” button and you will be taken to this page. Because you are adding the Twitter app so you need to click “Allow”.

Twitter request permission

4. Then you need to enter your Twitter login info, but don’t worry because your login info is absolutely safe. This application is made exclusively by Twitter for Facebook, so all is safe. After you enter your login info, click Allow.

Twitter Info

5. Twitter will ask you to post updates to your Facebook profile or to your created pages. You can choose either or both of these.

Twitter account connected

6. Every page you click will tell you it wants to “Request for Permission”. Simply click the “Allow” to move to the next step.

Twitter request for permission

7. At this point your Facebook and Twitter accounts are connected to each other. You can even transfer your Facebook Profile to Twitter if you want.

Twitter account connected

That’s all! Every time you update your Twitter account about your pizza business or new pizza offer and promos for the month, your Facebook status will update automatically and your followers and fans are getting fresh info about their favorite food, Pizza!

Just as a reminder, although it can be very powerful to use these two social sites to market your pizza shop, you will want to make sure you are not over tweeting. This can be annoying to your Facebook friends and followers if they see 50 Twitter updates a day. Be careful not to give unwanted info.

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