How to Advertise and Market a Pizza Business

By | Jan 14, 2011

As a pizza business owner I know you surely want to make your pizza sales go through the roof. The only way to do this is to market pizza the right way and there are many ways to help you bring in customers. Below are some of these marketing strategies to help your pizzeria grow by finding new customers and keep them coming back.
Leave flyers at schools
The vast majority of schools order pizza on a regular basis. You may send a discount coupon for a larger order (example: 3 or more pizzas) to the principal, school office, or the PTO. They buy lunch on special occasions for teachers.

Deliver pizza to your local college campus

You can leave leaflets and door hangers at almost every apartment around. So consider promoting your business by offering something special to help bring in the sales. Offering delivery near a college campus at no extra charge can be a big promotional action. Pizza delivery growth in the US is on the rise, so apply this promotional method to your business.

Promotional magnets as give aways

Whenever delivering to your clients, make it a point to give them all promotional magnets or key chains. Believe it or not, but this can really help to keep your pizzeria in their minds. A magnet on the fridge can be a daily reminder. When your repeat customers want pizza again, these things can increase the possibility that your pizzeria is the one they call first. There are online companies that can create these promotional products customized for you. Compare different companies to get the best deal possible. Magnets, key chains and other such items are inexpensive advertising tools to market pizza and can bring in a lot of business.

Send flyers to local establishments that are predominately male

Face it, guys are more likely to meet up and order pizza. Some examples of businesses where you can find a high concentration of male workers are dispatch centers, fire departments, bus stations, automotive repair shops, print shops, tire shops, car dealerships, There are many more. Give something free like drinks with an order of 2 or more pizzas. Offering something for free is a huge psychological trigger that causes many people to pull out their credit cards.

Community and event sponsorships

Additionally, you can form partnerships with local resorts and hotels to inform guests about your pizzeria and your dining options. You can offer pizza party catering too if you want. Sponsoring some events, like a sports teams, is also a good move. Having the logo of your pizza store on the team’s uniform is a good way to advertisement. Furthermore, participating at local events will give you the edge over your competition and will go a long way toward building a positive image with the community.

You don’t need to invest a huge amount of money for advertisement, as there are hundred of ways to market pizza. All you need to do is be creative and resourceful. Put the above suggestions to work for you and also use them to help brainstorm more ideas.

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