The Advantages of Ordering Pizza Online

By | Jan 14, 2011

Ordering pizza online is fast becoming the latest rage in the pizza world, and if you want to market pizza, this is the trend you shoudn’t miss. Big companies that can deliver are now accepting orders online through their web sites and even smaller pizza storeowners and small franchisers are getting in on this method.  You can allow customers to select virtually anything you offer, from the type of crust and toppings to extras such as drinks, desserts, salads, etc.

Paying method

After your customers create their pizza of choice or select from specials displayed on your web site, they can submit their credit card information to pay the order immediately online. The process of paying online through credit card is now a trusted method for millions of consumers. Some prefer this method of payment over giving their credit card to some delivery person when they deliver their pizza. Paying online is even often preferred over giving credit card information over the phone to someone they don’t know.

A little downside of online ordering

The only real downside to ordering a pizza online is that your customers will need to register online before they can use your ordering service. A lot of people hate to be on email lists because they have had bad experiences before with receiving junk email. You will have to go the extra distance to show them you will not do this. It’s easy to do, and the pay off can be substantial. Obviously, you will want to limit the emails you send to your registered customers.

Here are some benefits of ordering online.

1.      Online ordering is a fast way to try your pizza

It’s a common thing that new customers will visit your website for directions, a phone number to check your menu or for other information. When they show up on your site and see your “Order Online Now” button, you will get a small percentage of people who will click the button right away and place their first order.

2.      Share the news

When you have people ordering pizza online from your website, simply print something like this “Order online at” on your window signs, takeout menus, yellow page ads, delivery vehicles, newspaper inserts, flyers, coupons, and anywhere else you can print your pizzeria’s name. This will help get the word out that it is fast and easy for your customers to place their order.

3.      Free email marketing

Customers who order online automatically give you their email address when they register. This will allow you to stay in touch with them using email marketing. This is a power free way to market your products and services. One of the good things is that it allows you to send coupons and other valuable information to your clients, and this can be a great way to turn a causal pizza eater to a frequent one. The convenience of ordering online can give you an edge over your competitors.

4.      Online orders can often be bigger

This is true for several reasons. One of them is that because customers are never pressured by an agitated or rushed employee, they can take their time to browse your menu. The outcome can be larger tickets. Couple this with offering special offers or discounts for online orders and having a way to cross-promote products, and you can really start to see an increase in your sales.

5.      Cost-cutting method

Allowing order to be placed online can cut your costs by reducing the need to take calls. Each online order is one less call for your employees to answer and this can add to your bottom line. It might even allow you to operate with fewer employees. This also lets your staff spend more of their time preparing pizza or serving customers, rather than answering phone calls.

These are just some of the benefits of ordering pizza online. Get your website an online ordering service in place as soon as possible so you can maximize these benefits and explore even more marketing opportunities from having this.

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