How to improve your pizza sales through colorful menus

By | Jan 21, 2011

Are you a pizza store owner? Well, one idea that can surely boost your pizza sales is to use colorful menus. It’s simple enough to have menus that look like simple flyers but your pizza menus must be more than a simple list of your food items and prices. It should consist of irresistible offers for your customers that bring in on-the-spot orders.

The first thing your clients will see when they grab your menus will be the menu cover. You should use your cover as a way to generate sales. If you have a dull pizza menu cover, then there’s a good chance your customers will open the menu and expect your food to be disappointing. On the other hand, having an attractive full-color menu cover can entice your visitors to be more ecstatic, hungrier, and happier to purchase.

Make your cover menu tempting

This can be done by designing your cover with extensive color, using a great deal of red. This is a color know to stimulate a person’s appetite. You should use a photo of food on your cover, but be sure to use a really good picture of a mouthwatering meal and/or pizza appetizers. Using a bad picture of a dull looking meal on your cover is one of the worst things you can do for your pizza sales.

Make your menu layout simple and bold

You need your mini pizza menus to provide your customers exactly what they want in a very fast manner. Incorporate simple phrases and short sentences delivering only the most important information. Make use of gorgeous full-color images, bold headings and shift the attention of your customers from prices to the food. Whether they know it or not, your customers will not want to open your menu and find only dollar signs. They want excellent food, a great deal and fast delivery.

Must have information for your menu

Your restaurant name, contact information and a promo or special offer are details you do nto want to leave off your menu. Putting these things on your menu conveys to your customers your identity, ways to purchase, and a reason to buy instantly. For example, if you have the cheapest pizza delivery then you will want to indicate that on your menu. Make it simple for your customers to do business with you.

Hire a pro for your design

The photos and color structure must be full-color and printed on glossy paper. The tremendous majority of buyers prefer full-color lustrous ads and your menus are an advertisement. Avoid taking away from the textual details, but be sure to include excellent images for popular foods. If you are not a designer, hire an expert. Many printing companies can do this on your behalf at an affordable price if you print your menus with them.

Following these simple tips to create inviting and gorgeous colorful menus will surely increase your pizza sales.

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