Pizza Promotion through Point of Sales System

By | Jan 22, 2011

Point of sale (POS) software is a program that businesses use to determine sales and run their cash registers. It is basically a digital cash register. A POS application adds up the sales and profits total, figures state sales tax, computes the change back from the amount of money tendered and conveniently adjusts the store’s inventory values when something is sold. This is very useful software that any pizza owner must have to control the flow of expenses for their pizza promotion.

Because pizza delivery is so popular and since there are several peak hours every day where business volume is very high, even managing a small pizza store requires a number of “must have” point of sale software program and hardware capabilities. Here are some of the essentials.

•                     Prices of products and shipping costs for various pizza places can be entered in the program. Using these features can make your customers satisfied, as they will not be overcharged, and your pizza price will stay consistent and correct no matter who takes your orders or delivers the pizza.

•                     To make sure you are earning all you can, all your products should be put directly into the system, so your cashiers will not forget to charge for anything. It can be very easy for someone to forget an add-on when they have to have them all memorized.

•                     Monitoring of all ingredients that go into every pizza is important. Through the use of scales and POS terminals around the kitchen workstation, you can help curb excessive portioning, saving you money.

•                     Properly projecting the need for delivery personnel and cooks from day to day can really help control your expenses. After all, personnel expenses are among the biggest expenditures for a pizzeria. Why maintain 4 employees when the forecasting POS application predicts that 2 will be sufficient?

•                     Tracking, delivery routing and profit collection method for pizza promotion are important considerations.

•                     Advertising campaigns and coupon promotion. A well intended POS system can assist you in managing your coupon marketing without you having to spend large sums of money in advertising. Rather than pay for ads, just gather the email addresses of your regular customers and provide them with coupons via email. It hardly costs you anything to send out a emails and your buyers will be thrilled to get your coupons.

If you are maintaining pizza delivery and at the same time also operating the pizza restaurant then the following POS traits will be additional features that you must have to help you run your business.

•                     Having a program to help you maintain kitchen stock control is significant for operating your business and for your financial accountability.

•                     Most POS systems will allow you to monitor your customer table and will simplify your work flow.

•                     Reservation, booking and a waiting list features will help you handle your forthcoming guests.

•                     Having access to administration features, such as recipe tracking, inventory tracking, employee scheduling management and extensive reporting of worker expenses will give you great perception into how your store operates.

Earning huge profits from your pizzeria not only depends on your pizza promotion, but also depends on your ability to reasonably cut costs. POS softwares will allow you to do that, and you can easily monitor almost all aspect of your business.

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