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Pizza is so unbelievably popular – a truth no one can deny. You can find Pizzerias of all kinds all over the world. In the US alone, pizza establishments took in over 36 billion dollars, with just over half of that coming from independent pizzerias. Now that’s A LOT of pizza.

Owning a pizzeria is obviously a great way to earn a living. It is estimated that as of March 2010, there were over 37,500 independent pizzerias in the US. But don’t let these huge numbers fool you. Pizza shop owners must be at the top of their game to succeed, not only regarding the quality of the pizza they serve, but also in their marketing efforts. Opening a pizzeria is not enough, and there are many cutting edge marketing techniques available that so many pizzeria owners are not taking full advantage of.

For this reason, pizzaadvertising.org was created. We want to empower pizza owners by teaching them these incredible marketing opportunities. There are so many of these, and time will only bring more. So go through the information on this site and check back often. And put the marketing techniques you find here to work for your pizzeria.

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