Pizza Promotion through Point of Sales System

By | Jan 22, 2011

Point of sale (POS) software is a program that businesses use to determine sales and run their cash registers. It is basically a digital cash register. A POS application adds up the sales and profits total, figures state sales tax, computes the change back from the amount of money tendered and conveniently adjusts the store’s […]

How to improve your pizza sales through colorful menus

By | Jan 21, 2011

Are you a pizza store owner? Well, one idea that can surely boost your pizza sales is to use colorful menus. It’s simple enough to have menus that look like simple flyers but your pizza menus must be more than a simple list of your food items and prices. It should consist of irresistible offers […]

The Advantages of Ordering Pizza Online

By | Jan 14, 2011

Ordering pizza online is fast becoming the latest rage in the pizza world, and if you want to market pizza, this is the trend you shoudn’t miss. Big companies that can deliver are now accepting orders online through their web sites and even smaller pizza storeowners and small franchisers are getting in on this method. […]

How to Advertise and Market a Pizza Business

By | Jan 14, 2011

As a pizza business owner I know you surely want to make your pizza sales go through the roof. The only way to do this is to market pizza the right way and there are many ways to help you bring in customers. Below are some of these marketing strategies to help your pizzeria grow […]

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