How to Integrate Your YouTube with Your Facebook Account

By | Jan 13, 2011

YouTube is definitely a great place for pizza owners to advertise their products and services. With millions of pizza lovers all over the world watching videos on YouTube you just cannot ignore this huge opportunity. Just recently, YouTube agreed to allow a standard connected to Facebook, making it a snap to automatically share any uploaded […]

Advertising Your Pizza Business through Facebook Fan Page

By | Jan 12, 2011

Once you have set up your basic Facebook Fan Page, you will want to truly maximize the page to get as much out of it as possible. Below I discuss several options to do this. By implementing even a couple of these methods, you can start to generate more fan interest, brand awareness, increase your […]

How to Participate in a Facebook Group

By | Jan 12, 2011

One way to promote your pizza business is by participating in Facebook groups that relate to things topics like running a pizza place, people who love pizza, etc. There are tons of groups already on Facebook related to Pizza. One bit of advice is to spend some time looking over the recent activity of a […]

How to Set Up a FaceBook Account – Video

By | Jan 8, 2011

Hi there. I thought I would supplement my earlier post on how to set up a Facebook account with a video walk through. I hope this helps! To your success! Clint

How to Set Up a Basic Facebook Fan Page

By | Jan 6, 2011

Now that you are into Pizza business and the next thing you need is the advertising, not only locally but also through internet. Remember that around 80% of possible customers can be found at the Web. Here is the good news! Facebook has not only become a place for people to network and connect, but […]

How to Set Up a FaceBook Account

By | Jan 6, 2011

There is no doubt that Facebook is absolutely huge these days. If you are a pizza store owner and you didn’t have an account yet, you are missing a great part of  advertisement for your business. If you have not yet signed up then you may be wondering how to create your own account. Well, […]

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